It’s Only a Movie – Charlotte Chandler

From what I have read so far, a well written book which allows Hitchcock’s words to speak for themselves. It tracks his life and professional development from the very beginning and for each of his films provides a short synopsis and amusing anecdotes from their filming.

Here are some of my favourite Hitch quotes from the book:

  • “I look into my mirror as little as possible, because the person who looks back at me has always seemed something of a stranger who doesn’t look at all the way I feel. But, somehow, he kept getting into my mirror.”
  • “I never achieved the body I wanted, but I am proud of my body of work. It is tall and thin and handsome.”
  • “It’s what you don’t see that frigthens you, what your mind fills in, the implicit usually being more terrifying than the explicit.”
  • “My cameo appearances,” Hitchcock told me [Chandler], “were a deliberate move away from realism, reminding the audience, ‘It’s only a movie.'”