Interview: Tom Geens, director of ‘Couple in a Hole’

Less is certainly more in Tom Geens’ sophomore feature Couple in a Hole. A Scottish couple go native in the French countryside as they grieve a great loss by living off the land. The Belgian director – who made London his home 23 years ago – sat down to chat with CineVue’s Matt Anderson about a five year long creative process, getting back to basics, chasing rabbits, broken legs and dealing with Pyrenean weather. All in a day’s work.

Matt Anderson: Where did the idea for the film’s story come from and how did it evolve?
Tom Geens: The original idea was a juxtaposition between order and disorder and that the animal inside us is never far away. It came from the image of a middle class couple in their normal attire, dishevelled, but surviving in this hole. A lot of my work is about how we can all revert to act in a primal way. Like you see now with the refugee crisis – you see people behaving appallingly.
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