TIFF review: ‘Demolition’ (Jean-Marc Vallée) ★★★★

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal has recently proved himself more than capable of carrying a film on his alternately emaciated (Nightcrawler) or buffed-up (Southpaw) shoulders. In Jean-Marc Vallée’s Demolition (2015) they’re characteristically broad and Gyllenhaal’s performance is one of his finest to date; further proof of his ever-growing and impressively hirsute acting chops.

Vallée’s return to Toronto is a triumph at the level of Dallas Buyers Club (2013), following the slight hiccup of last year’s Wild (2014). The French-Canadian certainly turns the quirk-o-meter up to eleven here with a tale that explores the effects of grief through a character unable to shed a tear under even the most dire of circumstances…

Demolition is released in the UK on Friday 29th April. Read the full review here at CineVue.com!