Film review: ‘The Clan’ ★★★★

The Clan, from Argentine director Pablo Trapero, is the third South American-set drama of the last twelve months to inspect the devastating personal trauma caused by autocratic, prison-like communities. From a remote Chilean coastal village Pablo Larrain’s The Club scythed through a suffocating cloak of hushed-up Catholic church abuse; with less gut-wrenching guile Florian Gallenberger exposed the sordid Pinochet era exploits of German tyrant Paul Schafer in The Colony. The Clan takes place in Trapero’s homeland across the border and focuses on the outwardly normal, well-to-do Puccio family, who, in the early 1980s, kidnapped and murdered people for money.

The Clan is released in the UK on 16th September in select cinemas and via Curzon Home Cinema. Visit CineVue to read the full review here.