About Me

Behind The Seens was set up a few years ago now as a blank canvas for my thoughts on film. As my freelance work has expanded it has developed into an online portfolio for my contributions to CineVue, Little White Lies, Total Film and more.

Cabot Trail 2
On the Cabot Trail – Cape Breton National Park – Nova Scotia, CANADA!

I’ve also been lucky enough over the past few years to live and travel in many parts of the world and you will find some ramblings about my ramblings here too… If you share my passion for cinema and globetrotting, get in touch.

Cheers, Matt

SITE DISCLAIMER – It should be noted that I do not own in any way, shape or form the film stills, images and posters featured on this site. They are of course the property of the various production companies who put together these fine, and not so fine, pieces of cinema.