Director Jim O’Hanlan takes us down many different London roads in 100 Streets, attempting to encompass the multiple criss-crossing tales of his debut feature’s diverse ensemble. Working from the first script by local screenwriter Leon Butler, the capital’s wide-ranging social spectrums and innumerable walks of life are all to be found here but this interweaving of stories from the rich fabric of a Battersea square mile doesn’t end up going anywhere. And what it’s trying to tell us is never particularly profound, coherent or meaningful.

I recently lost my grandmother to cancer so this film hit home. The trailer portrays Unfinished Song as a light-hearted comedy that pokes fun at a grumpy old stick-in-the-mud named Arthur Harris (Terence Stamp). Whilst his wife Marion (Vanessa Redgrave) is seen to be unwell, the severity of her illness is withheld. You have been warned. That is not to say that Unfinished Song is overly morbid or depressing. It is a love film.